Tamsyn Trevorrow- Ceramic Sculpture


My family have lived in Cornwall for generations, growing up in St Ives has been of huge inspiration  to me.  I have always loved being outdoors -  the coastline, being within nature have always been a big part of my life.
I fell in love with clay from a young age, and
eventually studied a BA Ceramics at Falmouth College of Arts with time spent on Erasmus at Limerick Technical Collage.
 After college I travelled for a number of years mainly through out Asia, Australia and New Zealand - working in Australia at Happs Pottery, Margaret River and Teaching at Northland Polytechnic College, New Zealand.
I eventually returned and spent time at the Gaol Yard Studios in St Ives run by John Bedding.
I have recently come back to working with clay after time out with my children and various other commitments. It's really lovely to be back in my workshop even on a cold January with no heating and loads of layers!
Ceramics can be very frustrating with so many stages and so many elements that can go wrong. . This is also the thing I love and what drives me on with different challenges - especially  glazing and firing as it can be so  very unpredictable.   :)


 Additions to Clay Bodies - Kathleen Standen
Ceramics with Mixed Media - Joy Bosworth.
British Studio Potters Marks. -